Monday, 9 September 2013

Creating Community. Sawbonna and Restorative Justice.

In a rich conversation with Criminal Justice Investigator, Howard Sapers, over hot coffee here in Calgary, he said that Sawbonna is not about a new restorative justice. He was right. Sawbonna is about a re-visioning of justice, an invitation to new conversations.  An invitation that wants to hear many, many voices. Voices that bring a new contour to this terrain of living justice with the values of: respect, relationship, and responsibility. Creating and enhancing the places and spaces to birth new research questions about how justice means, is Sawbonna's continued vision. This morning, I read the response of one of my online students (I blush in saying student for she is not only an English Professor, she is wordsmith, whose soul is always present to the page). I share her piece from her recent assignment, below, with her permission. I share it for it is as an echo of inviting new conversations about restorative justice, underscoring Sawbonna's vision: (We) bring passion for language that holds differences and does not wound.

Creating CommunityTo my new tribe,
I bring passion for language that holds differences and does not wound.
I bring my wounded self and the desire to heal.
I bring humour and wisdom, compassion and sorrow.
I seek companionship and acceptance.
I seek solace.
I seek abundant laughter and renewal.
I am ready.

Copyright N. Gerber




  1. Honoring the need to be seen and heard, to count and be counted, is so vital to the work you do.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Nancy. I believe that no matter our work/vocation, no matter our journey, each of us wishes to be visible.