Monday, 23 September 2013

Sawbonna: Allowing Your Life to Be the Poem You Write

The act and the fact of becoming, is an action that is laced with abundant dollops of paradox. And poignant passion. Sawbonna, to be Sawbonna-ed, to engage in Sawbonna-ing, is about doing. It is not a passive act. The gift that has been my life's journey, has been that I have been Poet-ing for a long, long time , sharing a resonance with what Poet and Mystic, Bokonon says, "Allow your life to be the poem you write." Sawbonna-ing the act of seeing, of being seen. Of hearing, of being heard. The act of taking the time to allow living justice, living justly to contour every waking hour, every infused dream, is indeed the act of Poet-ing. The act of engagement. Of presence. The act of living: respect, responsibility, and relationship. This is Sawbonna.

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