Monday, 30 September 2013


About one week before Glen and Sherry Flett contacted me, and powerful dialogue and healing, Sawbonna,  happened, I was in the USA. I was there attending a Conference held by The National Association for Poetry Therapy, where I was presented with a Seeds of Joy Award for my Expressive Writing and Bibliotherapy courses. One of the other speakers was Kim Stafford, son of the brilliant Poet, William Stafford. Kim. Using words like his inspired dad, Kim spoke about how our words to the page and our words in our very heads, infuse and alter how we think and feel. For me, he was proof of the simple and true fact that there are Muses Among Us (the title of one of his books). Muses who invite us to think newly; to shuck off habitual ideas; and, to live with the paradoxes that compel us to challenge and be challenged by how justice means.  As I prepare to leave for BC tomorrow, to present several talks and an expressive writing workshop at Simon Fraser University, in Dr. Brenda Morrison's classes, and to give a talk at The Canadian Criminal Justice Association Congress, Public Policy and Poetic Justice, I bow to my Muses, John, Nancy, Susan, Kim, David, Howard, Hirsch, Brenda, Des, Jemma, Aliette, Teresa, Reinekke, Robert, Ged, to name but a few. And, I give thanks to those women and men who continue to incline their hearts and ears to the Muses Among Us, and in so doing work to newly contour how justice can mean. Daily.

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