Monday, 16 September 2013


The word sanctuary has inspired me for some time now. For me it has meant and means a place where silence speaks. Where my fingers trace the trunks of trees that own Wisdom, while I sit upon stones that hear me. Sanctuary is a place where heart and soul commune with possibility that is sculpted in the breath of the imagination, of yearning, of want, of need. A place where poetry resides. For me, Sawbonna is such a place. It is a place where notions of us versus them, are seen as small. Limited. Limiting. Sawbonna is a place where no matter the texture, form, or shape of the "bars," seeing and being seen, hearing and being heard, are invited. And yet again invited. With my poem, Sawbonna, from my book of the same name, and too, residing in my book, The Other Inmate: Mediating Justice-Mediating Hope, I offer to myself and to each who read these words, a place to sit in sanctuary.
My soul sees your soul.
And our shared dancing,
Stretches to the very core
Of all that is possible.
All that is.

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