Friday, 6 September 2013

Welcome to my Sawbonna Blog

Already September, which is my New Year, begins with the beauty that is Sawbonna. And what exactly is Sawbonna. It is a word taught to me my Glen Flett, who contacted me almost thirty years after he took my Father, Theodore's life. Glen contacted me and we shared Sawbonna. This means we saw each other literally and figuratively. Since our powerful and life-infused meeting, we continue to "unlearn" so very much about what being a "victim" and what being an "offender" mean, or are supposed to. I have been invited to give two talks in Dr. Brenda Morrison's classes at Simon Fraser University, and the same week to give a talk entitled Public Policy and Poetic Justice at The Canandian Criminal Justice Association Congress in Vancouver. Each time I am invited to participate in the lush terrain that is Sawbonna's call to see and be seen, I celebrate life. I celebrate my Father, I celebrate Glen's courage. And I trust the process, paradox-steeped, of what living justice means, and can mean.

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