Sunday, 6 October 2013


Since Tuesday, I have been in BC. I have been here for one purpose and one purpose only: to share Sawbonna. And what exactly has this meant? It has meant the gift of giving one lecture in Dr. Brenda Morrison's class at SFU, giving a talk at the Canadian Criminal Justice Association Congress, and sharing in circles, in Brenda's classes, engaging in how Sawbonna means.  As well, I shared Sawbonna at the new Smart Justice launch today. This has all be fascinating. And what has made this fascinating is the fact of having come full circle. With Gratitude. With Joy. With voice/S joined in respect. Not only am I a woman whose voice and vocation with living justice as a lived experience continues to be realized, I am the woman who has met the most inspired and inspiring individuals, who really and truly continue to care, to listen, to create, to dance with authenticity, negating the us vs. them dialogue. Individuals who walk the oft-time chaotic terrain of how justice can mean. Listening with and speaking from the heart. The heart of the very matter which invites us to trust, to surrender, to honour voiceS. Many voiceS. Even when those voiceS might clash, bump up against each other. Perhaps especially when. Sawbonna continues to speak.

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