Sunday, 10 November 2013


On Friday evening, the day after I shared my talk, Raven Speaks and the Eye in Your Heart, at the Central Library, in the heart of Calgary, I was there again. This time, to listen to Lawrence Hill. At the John Dutton Theatre. In an atmosphere of deep intimacy, with the other three hundred souls, Larry, spoke about "blood." Blood and story and history and our interconnectedness. He invited us into his journey with Aminata Diallo, the main character, who in essence is each of us. He talked about how "I" is far, far more than an insular and exclusive "conversation." Each of us with a history. Each of us with a story he said. For many of us, not a story of the same depths of brutality that Aminata faced. For many of us, however, the essence of resilience, of hope, of a yearning to be more than one mere definition, was the very crucible in which Lawrence contoured his story.  He was not a spectator to his "writerly" journey. Oh no! He was present. Involved. Inspired. Inviting. And this is Sawbonna. This is not Glen and Margot's story. This is a story of our shared journeying. Our shared humanity. Our shared yearning to be more than one act we committed or one act committed against us. An invitation to embody justice. An invitation for each of us to turn our "I" into eyes. Eyes of hope. Of resilience. Of embodying justice. Daily. With and from the eye of the heart.

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