Monday, 16 December 2013


This week, I contacted Peter MacKay, Steven Blaney, and Sue O'Sullivan. Peter is Canada's Justice Minister. Steven our Minister for Public Safety. Sue is the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime. I contacted each of them about Sawbonna, and how Canada can lead the way in not only "improving family healing, prisoner rehabilitation, and community well-being," at home, but can inspire conversations on the international justice stage as well. My parents, like many parents, chose Canada for peace, safety, and a rich education. My Dad, Theodore, being murdered in Canada, and the beautiful gift of healing and friendship I share with the man, Glen, who took his life, as is the way with all but unfathomable situations, continues to speak hope. Continues to be a richly infused catalyst for deep and authentic, if at times, molasses slow dialogues with those who care to continue to work for justice: justice as lived and living experience. Sue and I will meet in when she is in Calgary in January. I look forward to hearing from Peter and Steven. And as this Christmas Season, moments away from my fifty-second birthday, unfolds, I know that the upcoming year will see more of Canada's decisive actions exemplifying that we have a voice for leading the way, to repeat Dr. David Swann's, MLA, Calgary, Mountainview exquisite words, "in improving family healing, prisoner rehabilitation, and community well-being."Sawbonna will continue to speak too.

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