Sunday, 22 December 2013


Earlier this week, my daughter Olivia, sent me pictures of my grand children, Riley and Hannah Jane, knee deep in snow. In one shot, Hannah Jane, pink cheeks, blue eyes, salmon-red snow suit, was sculpting a snow angel. Riley and Hannah Jane are Theodore's great grand children. Olivia and Jessica his grands. The joy that is Sawbonna is the joy of how children, mine, my grands, Glen's and Sherry's wonderful daughter Victoria, my niece, Emily,  all of the children, invite us to see. To really see and understand that justice as a lived and living experience is necessary not only for adults, professionals, and experts. Sawbonna is for and about our children. Before Glen and I met, his angel, Victoria, emailed me, "“Hello. I am Glen’s kid, Victoria. How are U. Its sad that your Dad got killed by my Dad. But my Dad knows that he did bad. But he is way way better now he is a great guy. And I am happy that U know that my Dad is sorry. Look forward to seeing U. Love, Victoria" (then age 10). When I shared dinner at Glen and his wonderful wife Sherry's, home the first night, the first time we ever met, I met Victoria as well. After dinner Victoria asked me if she could speak with my daughters, then 16 and 18. After her conversation with Jess, Victoria told Glen and Sherry and I that her new kitty found its name, Sprinkles. Jess, Theodore's grand daughter, named Glen's daughter's kitty. My wish for this Christmas Season is that your days are filled with the energy, hope, and Wisdom of Snow Angels. With Sawbonna.

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