Sunday, 1 December 2013


In his Foreword to my book, Sawbonna: A Real Life Restorative Justice Story, Howard Zehr says that along with respect, responsibility, and relationship, Restorative Justice/Sawbonna, speak to and from, wonder. How this resonates for me. In an article entitled, Emma's Acres: Reintegration, Restoration, and Food Security, in the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime newsletter, wonder speaks. Wonder at the fact that from two dark days of loss and dread, the murder of my Dad, Theodore and the murder of Emma Smiley, where wonder fled, a garden project, by Glen and Sherry Edmunds-Flett, is being birthed. Not only will vegetables be grown and tended by inmates, but "The proceeds of sales from Emma's Acres will go towards funding the L.I.N.C. Society's work with victims," and, Misty Cockerill, a survivor of homicide, will be hired to work on this project.  This is the grass roots, literally, of justice as a lived and living experience. Not us vs. them. This is Restorative Justice. This is Sawbonna. And, this is Wonder.

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