Sunday, 5 January 2014


Two days ago, while sitting in my friend Sharon's living room reading the inspiring book, Women Between: Construction of Self in the Work of Sharon Butala, Aganetha Dyck, Mary Meigs, and Mary Pratt, a Raven flew close to the window and began to speak. And speak. And speak. I paid scant attention being focused on the chapter, Alive in the Spirit. Raven would not be denied.  She hollered until I put the book down and listened to Her. My Spirit name, gifted to me in Georgian Bay, Ontario, the summer of 2000, is RavenSpeaks. Not for the first time did a Raven Speak to me. Quite simply she said, "Do your work." And my work? It continues to be answering the call to find and create the communities for embodying and living justice. In so doing, not only I, but those with whom I walk and work, as in the subtitle of, Women Between, construct and re-construct selves. This means that we insist on infusing and informing justice. Both the personal and the public/political expressions. Sawbonna is embodying justice. It is about each of us "doing our work." It is about paying close attention to all of the varying voices that speak us into action. And like the title  of chapter, Alive in Spirit, on which I was focused when Raven spoke, Sawbonna is about being alive in the Spirit. Alive. Alive. Alive. And Sawbonna is about answering.

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