Sunday, 12 January 2014


This week I spent time in parts of Calgary where I saw great amounts of abundance and great amounts of poverty. I read. I journalled. I breathed in icy air and silence. I kept vigil with trees.  I thought about the notions of revenge, of retribution, and about how any disregard for, any denigration of humanity in the guise of "justice" is flawed. Is unacceptable. In a few short weeks, I will be giving a talk in Ontario about Restorative Justice-Sawbonna. I will do so in community with individuals who wish to sculpt a conversation wherein reconciliation, reconnecting, and human rights matter. And Sawbonna is about Human Rights. Humane Rights. It is about choosing to learn and to live in right relationship. And right relationship means creating opportunities where we are allowed to speak our story, where our story is heard. This week I learned that no matter where we live, whether it be in the most fancy and well-appointed home, or a shelter, we must remember that we have rights. Insisting on accessing those rights is the essence of abundance. Is the essence of living justice. Sawbonna is about Human and Humane Rights, no matter what you are told about how and who you should be. Or where you call home.

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