Sunday, 16 March 2014


In two days, I have cried two oceans. In five months, I have stood before two oceans. For me, tears are the food of the soul. Food is often enhanced with salt. In days of yore salt was as valuable as is gold in our day. The value of oceans and of salty tears lies in the Wisdom that  makes us come to see that shifts and changes are inevitable. This includes shifts and changes in our way of being in the world which often means that we are invited to engage in what can be termed "out of the box" thinking. "Out of the box" ways of seeing. In fact, we might be invited to create new paradigms all together. For me, this is a truth I live daily in the context of living justice. And living justice requires anamchara: soul friend.  In her assignment of last week, my student Elaine, highlighted the fact that compassion for others shares in equal measure as compassion we offer to ourselves. As I stood at the ocean yesterday, yearning to know how it is that Sawbonna will open up more and more of conversations about living justice daily, I chose not to wipe my tears away. I let them fall. I let them fall because I wanted a reminder of the saline whisper that compassion means to be anamchara to self in equal measure as it means Sawbonna with and for others. Others who continue to create and work with and for all manner of group, academic setting, government position, association, community in a diligent and heart-infused choice to be sure that justice as a lived and living experience never falls prey to naïveté and desert dry eyes. And hearts.

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