Monday, 3 March 2014


"If blue birds fly..... why cant I?"
In just over one hour, I fly. Again. Under my wings, lifting me, is love. And a fight in me wherein I choose to answer to the liminal. I choose Sawbonna's call to engage in vital and necessary dialogues about justice as a lived and living experience where my voice matters. I choose a journeying which underscores and highlights that not only am I loved but that I can love. In both the fight and the surrender that is my flight, is my choice to know I am worth the time it takes to create, to birth, to trust the still birthings, the preemies, the twins, the myriad of multiples. Each new birth another conversation about the fact that if we want to see necessary changes, we must make them - together, in community, with passion, vision, trust, hard work, tenacity.

Ripe evening sun invites me to let my heart soar. Soar I am. You come too.

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