Saturday, 8 March 2014


Being in Halifax as of Monday evening, has been an AWE-FULL experience. From the moment my kindred, Lisa Devan, picked me up from the airport and toured me around the city, I could feel the energy of justice as lived and living experience throbbing here. Make not mistake. In each province and state in which I journey sharing my talks, workshops, and story, I feel the presence of how relationship, inter-relationality, and awe speak. Here in Halifax, I must have needed to feel this energy in a poignant and potent way. Day two, I "met" Theodore Too. That delightful tugboat down at the harbour. Next Pierre showed up, Trudeau, that is, in the form of a giant wood carving. And then, Frida, whose energy has sculpted my life with colour, vision, passion, tenacity. That should seem sufficient with regards to relationship, relating, and relational discourse and delight. Not so. Enter Anne Harvey, Pat Wilson, Sisters of Charity, and Bruce Archibald, Dalhousie University.  Imagine seven days have not yet passed. Indeed! Sawbonna and justice as a lived and living experience is about creating and nurturing relationships. Sawbonna and justice as a lived and living experience is as vast as the stunning Atlantic Ocean upon which I grab a gaze as I type this blog. Why does Sawbonna matter? That is your homework with which to engage, as you think about the notions of: awe and relationship, and how they can, do, and might, infuse your daily encounter with justice as a lived and living experience.

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