Saturday, 26 April 2014


Sharing *Sawbonna with **Danny Graham on Wednesday, was inspiring. Danny walks with and works for the values of: respect, responsibility, relationship, and wonder. Those are the values that speak Sawbonna and Restorative Justice. ***Theodore was close-by as Danny and I, in the Halifax room of McInnes Cooper, spoke about how and why justice as a lived experience matters. Theodore Tug Boat settled in at the wharf a few hundred yards away, as if listening to us. How my Dad, Theodore, loved the Ocean, loved boats. In our kindred conversation, Danny and I spoke about water coolers. Theodore listened. He heard a lawyer and a poet celebrate a knowing that each step that takes us closer to moving from ideas of justice, to lived experiences of justice, is a good step. Each step that takes us closer to conversations around water coolers about how vital and enriching it is to live with the value of "caring with community," as opposed to "tough on crime," speaks a Canada wherein we have begun to take the time to listen. To see. To be heard. To be seen. Each step that we take means that we not only speak Sawbonna, but that we live Sawbonna. Daily.

*Master's Thesis: "Sawbonna: Justice as Lived Experience"

**Googling Danny will lead you to much, including a potent interview about justice as a lived experience.

***CBC Ottawa Morning: Sawbonna: Theodore and Glen

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