Saturday, 24 May 2014


"Sawbonna! I wrote it on the chalk board of a bathroom stall today!"

Receiving this wonderful note, was joy. When I was writing my Master's Thesis, my lead supervisor, Dr. Dale Dewhurst said to me, I precis, "Use Sawbonna, Margot. Use it all the time. And everywhere. It will become common usage." Dale was right. Sawbonna: I See You, sibling of Restorative Justice, continues to invite conversation, continues invite connecting. On Tuesday morning, first thing, I am walking to CBC here in Halifax, invited by Phlis McGregor and Don Connolly to share about Sawbonna on Information Morning. Part of my sharing will be about the talk I will give on Friday, invited by Halifax Community Chaplaincy. I will speak of how Sawbonna means, including how it relates to raw-real intersecting of victim and inmate journeys. Oh! And victims and inmates have lots in common, not to mention that we are neighbours, family, colleagues, friends. Dare I say: Community! Sawbonna, that wonderful sibling of restorative justice, wherein to continue to engage with justice as a lived and living experience, is a gentle reminder that: respect, responsibility, and relationship is not an us vs. them notion of justice. Sawbonna: I See You, is about us with us. Is about knowing that we are the very voices for the changes we wish to live in relation to justice. As Marcia so generously invited me to see, in letting me know she wrote Sawbonna on the wall, "Sawbonna Speaks. The writing is, indeed, on the wall." Let us each grab some chalk, dancing with words, dancing with Sawbonna. Daily covering those walls.

Master's Thesis: "Sawbonna: Justice as Lived Experience"


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