Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Red is my favourite colour. Red generates emotions in me that inspire gentleness, creativity, fire, raw-awakening, aching, ebullience, joy. Last week I received a powerful reminder that all emotions are important. They are not good or bad. I was reminded that just as red speaks its voice in my days, filling me with inspiration, igniting my emotions, and I love red, I can love all of my emotions. Emotions are powerful potential-steeped catalysts and teachers. Allies. Sawbonna is red, is indeed a deep dance with all emotions. I recognized that each time I let my savagely-steeped emotions be, often writing with them, walking with them, crying, seeking kinship to support me, and comfort me, the severity lessens. It is as if they feel me embracing their worth, appreciating their value. And in Sawbonna-ing them, I find myself not acting in knee-jerk ways, not reacting, not suffocating. I find myself being gentle with myself. Bullying stops. By this I mean, my over-used self-talk, learned script, 'those' voices of history and habit: stop. Phrases such as the following, shrink: "Oh you are too much." "You are exaggerating." "You are too demanding." "Shut-up." "You are being bitchy." "They won't like you." It is a paradox that by feeling all that is me, I see myself engaging in generative communication, wherein I can find and create solutions to problems, issues, nuisances, of varying size. I see myself engaging in Sawbonna. And it is red hot wonder-full.

Professor Howard Zehr, Eastern Mennonite University, Virginia, USA:
"Margot continues to pursue her goal of encouraging deep dialogue about life after crime. She draws upon her own lived experience and vision of SAWBONNA to enrich the Restorative Justice field with questions and insights."

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