Thursday, 31 July 2014


In one month I will move into residence at The Atlantic School of Theology. Carrying joy, gratitude, and Sawbonna in my leather satchel, I will read, I will write, I will re-read, and I will re-write. I will be re-written. I have been spending a great deal of time with James Hillman's writings. I have been digesting how he contoured meaning, its making and its taking, in a way that celebrates re-languaging, re-lighting a flame. And what is the flame that is being re-lit? It is the flame of rich possibility about which Freud so brilliantly spoke when he said that the word is a creative act. And indeed the word is. It became flesh. It becomes flesh. And it is re-fleshed. Daily. Words are a way in which we find ourselves forming, re-forming, trans-forming. Words are a way in which we are formed, re-formed, trans-formed, even as life often throws out a myriad of occurrences, which might leave us de-formed. In my newest online course entitled, One Word, my students engage with one word. They do so in order to birth their own ideas, feelings, thoughts, and wisdom. They do so in order to dance with all that surfaces for and with and through them, as they, by their own choosing, re-fine their relationships to meaning, re-languaging, re-storing, and re-storying. This is Sawbonna. This is Sawbonna-ing. One word at a time.

Online Course - One Word: Word is Creative Act.

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