Thursday, 28 August 2014


When I was a child growing up in Georgetown, Guyana, sitting at my Grandmoms' kitchen table, at 64 Duncan Street,  magic spoke. Sharing food with my eldest sister, chatting with Grandmoms, as Robert the Parrot often mimicked our conversations, was delight. My Grandomoms was tiny, even to my little girl frame. And my memories of her stirring eddoes, cassava, plantain, pig-tail, and split peas in the giant pot, her hair in a "molly," a bun, as sunlight danced through the wide open windows and Dutch Doors, continues to be joy in my life. This morning, sharing time with my housemates here in residence, I was struck once again, by the rich joy and beauty of how sitting together sharing food and conversation highlights community. Speaks Sawbonna. Coming together speaking, listening, witnessing each others stories, learning about each others foods, families, losses, loves, longings, and all of the various roads we have taken, is food. Nourishing food. Respect, Responsibility, and Relationship, shared in the simple and natural act of gathering at the kitchen table, invites Awe, inspires Wonder. Each of these is Sawbonna's terrain. Each of these is how we continue the conversations about justice as a lived and living experience. Simply. Naturally. Daily.

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