Friday, 8 August 2014


So many people I know who are doing truly helpful work - helpful and healing ministry - find their primary support from a couple of enlightened friends and only secondarily, if at all, from institutions. Richard Rohr

Each day, I offer gratitude for the support which I continue to receive for my walk/work/journeying with and for Sawbonna: Justice as a Lived and Living Experience. Richard himself,  author of the words that begin today's blog, recently offered his support of rich encouragement to me to continue to pursue my journey. And yesterday, one of my students in her precious writing, underscored how community can and does offer a vast array of support as we respond in the affirmative to the invitations we receive to do our work. The very morning that I was leaving to meet Glen Flett, Sister Helen Prejean emailed me. This support of reaching out not only infused me with a deep sense of rightness about my choice, it fired my courage to trust that encounter with the "unknown," with the "liminal," was a wise encounter. Fear and concern were not eradicated. Sawbonna is not about eradicating fear and concern. Sawbonna is about both receiving and offering support to and for self and others in the work, what Richard calls, "the ministry," we choose to engage in. Today's blog is one in which I wish to invite you to offer gratitude to those who continue to support you as you say, "Yes," to your work/call/ministry. Sawbonna is gratitude. Daily.

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