Thursday, 14 August 2014


One of the joys I have about moving into residence at The Atlantic School of Theology is that my room faces the sea. I will be close to salt air, strong and silent winds, and Pointe Pleasant Park. Hundreds if not thousands of trees sculpt the area with their branches reaching up, up, up, their roots reaching down, down, down. Deep. Visiting with kindred from Ontario on Tuesday evening, I was both literally and metaphorically facing the sea. The sea of rich beauty, vast and breath-taking support. Celebrating with community. Just as the sea and the trees are indeed community, so are the communities with whom we walk as we journey in our everyday work/call/vocation. Communities of voices, hearts, and souls that not only share in the vital values of Sawbonna: seeing and listening; but, that live from the rooted, foundational place of, respect, responsibility, relationship. As justice continues to be held within a life-giving crucible of these values, not only the personal, but the public and the political, too, will come to live ever more deeply the gift that is both sharing and witnessing each other's stories. Stories that invite us to reach up, up, up, to dig down, down deep, so that we daily witness and challenge tenuous and thin notions of retribution and retaliation, but live with how it is we, as one, can shift and change conversations we have about justice. Justice as a lived and living experience. This is Sawbonna.

On-Line Course: Poetic Justice and Re-Storying

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