Wednesday, 20 August 2014


One beauty of Sawbonna, and there are countless, is that it both draws from and inspires poetry. Poetry that is lived and living experience wherein diverse voices share their engagement with: respect, responsibility, and relationship. Kindred, Dr. David Swann, MLA, Calgary, Mountain-View, recently wished me, "Lightning and Lightening," in my upcoming studies, which are intimately connected to my continued dance with words and justice.  The lush images that his words "lightning" and "lightening" invite, are vast. Sawbonna does indeed offer lightening. Lightening of what can become the oppressive, if suffocating, sense of journeying alone in the terrain of lived and living justice. Sawbonna, as well, is as lightning: heated and powerful energy, wherein how we re-language justice involves poignant, pressing, and vital conversations with our very selves and with others. Fired and fiery conversations. Outside my dorm window, kayakers are being coached to move, move, move, at lightning speed, with dexterity, with passion, with focus. As their paddles hit the water, and their agility heightens, lightness fills their bodies and souls. This is Sawbonna, lightning and lightening, which fills bodies, which fills souls, reminding us that we are never paddling alone.

ONLINE COURSE: Sawbonna and Justice as Lived Experience-ing
FOR:   Teachers, Mentors, Poets, Seekers, Healers, Writers,  Practitioners and Students of Restorative Justice, Mediation, Conflict Resolution
THEME: How to engage in what and how “justness” means by expanding the restorative justice dialectic.  You will be taught how to navigate with your own beliefs, prejudices, and wisdom in order to mentor and facilitate those with whom and for whom you work.
TIME-FRAME:  Six Weeks. All materials provided. One Hour of Skype, Face-to-Face, or Telephone Sharing.
COST: $750.00

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