Thursday, 18 September 2014


Vulnerability and shame are twinned siblings, whose dance in our souls and psyches is as diminishment. We wake and walk and wobble into over-full days of feeling as if all that we are is nought but flawed, empty, lost. Like so many of the conversations with which we are blessed, vulnerability and shame can inform conversations not merely from places of accepting their hold on us; but, rather from places of asking them to sit for a tea. Inviting them to tell us about themselves, and listening to how and what they say. And why. Conversation with vulnerability and shame is Sawbonna's purview. Sawbonna offers us a way to see and to be seen. Sawbonna generously engages us in dialogue about how it is we can learn to understand our vulnerabilities and to engage with our shame. Sawbonna invites us to remember that us vs. them, as opposed to us and them, is a way we often speak with our very selves, a fencing match of me against me, brow-beating, and bleating too much unkindness via self-talk which berates by denying celebration. Respect. Responsibility. Relationship. And Wonder. These are Sawbonna's reminder to be present to the time, the space, and the opportunities to have conversations with vulnerability, with shame. Conversations that remind us all that we are worth the time it takes for our tears, our fears, our gladness, and our loving voices to be embraced and shared.

CBC Television Interview: (Starts at 1:12)

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