Thursday, 4 September 2014


One of the precious gifts I have from Glen is a Sterling Silver Thunderbird ring. While he was in prison serving time for killing my Father, Theodore, he was gifted with this ring. Not gifted on day one! It was perhaps a good way through his life sentence that a Native Silversmith, as well serving time, gave Glen this ring. A gift speaking Glen's own rise from the ashes. His strength. His Wisdom. When Glen gave the ring to me, "It is your Dad," he said, "Please place it on Mr. Van Sluytman's grave." Glen did not know how significant Thunderbird, Phoenix was/is to me. Sawbonna is Thunderbird. Sawbonna is Phoenix. From charred silences. Raw grey ashes. Flames and finalities. Thunderbird and Phoenix rise. A resurrection of fierce fires. Calling us to live the madly challenging and life-infusing values of: Respect. Responsibility. Relationship. And Wonder. Up from the ashes not merely once. Not merely twice. Not merely three times. Sawbonna is life's cyclical samba, salsa, waltz, inviting re-languaging, re-wording, and re-negotiating how it is we live what it means to see and to be truly seen. Fires, Flames, Ashes, All, feeding our re-birth.

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