Thursday, 23 October 2014


Today is a day of grief. Deep grief. I thought about what to write. Thought if I should write. In Ottawa, on Parliament Hill yesterday, a young man was killed by the hand of another young man. I am angry. I feel anguish. I own fear. And I hold hope. Why do I own hope, even as my other emotions assail me? The reason is this: Sawbonna is about each and every emotion. Sawbonna does not dismiss, reduce, abandon, or deny any emotion. Sawbonna does not mean acting on each emotion. Hatred in particular must be addressed. And again addressed. This is necessary so that we do not fall into fear and anger and anguish and grief wanting retribution and revenge. This day, in thinking about Sawbonna's/Restorative Justice's three "rs": respect, responsibility, and relationship, I remind myself that all of my emotions matter,and that I am in relationship with others, so many I do not know. And today's Sawbonna conversation on this page, sharing with each of you, speaks hope, even as tears well, even as the day dawn's in the quiet crucible of darkness.


  1. Margot, thank you for your very human reactions, and most of all for your hope, which is sorely needed. All the best for your studies - sounds as though they are putting you in an amazing place.

  2. Thank you for your generous words, Laura.