Thursday, 9 October 2014


The air is dark, cool, life-infused this morning. As I opened my window encountering silent, sentinel moon, I, again, knew thanksgiving. Living in residence is a lived-experience of many voices sharing story. Breathing story. Being breathed by story. Being breathed into story. Studying with classmates and colleagues is to experience Sawbonna. Sawbonna! I see you. You see me. I hear you. You hear me. With-ness-ing as we read and write and speak our knowing, our longing, our poignant Wisdom. Respect. Responsibility. Relationship. And, Wonder. These are Sawbonna's invitation, Sawbonna's call and response to communitas, in thanks-giving.

I piece together the wind
The rain, the stars, sweet-speaking
Moon, as morning whispers only
So many unknowns
So many tearings. While
With-ness-ing, we divine
We delight, dancing as
We are breathed.
And breathing.
(c) Margot Van Sluytman

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