Wednesday, 29 October 2014


 "I am not afraid of burning. I am afraid of living without fire."
Alison Whittimire-Lambert

As I looked at the flame glowing at The War Memorial in Ottawa last Friday night, I could not help the tears that came. Tears for loss. Tears for longing. Tears for life. My third Grandchild was born that very day.  Flames lit. Hearts full. Community gathered yesterday in the St. Columba Chapel at The Atlantic School of Theology, witnessed more flames. Candles placed one by one, side by side, into a vibrant green bowl. Flames glowing. Heat warming. Song. Silence. Celebration. More song. Alison Whittimire-Lambert's words, below, sing. Singe. Glow. Warm. In kinship with Sawbonna.

We Come Together

We come together
In community.
In honour,
In love.

Some wearing black,
Handkerchiefs in hand,
Tears fall endlessly,
Words meaningless and unable to form.

Others in fuchsia,
Smiling and laughing,
As stories pour out like a waterfall,
From our lips.

We come together
In community.
Bound together
By loneliness.

Tied together
By void.
Surrounding it,
Engulfing it,

So that it does not engulf us.
Because we know that it can,
And will, engulf us
In our solitude.

And so, in honour,
In love,
In remembrance,
We come.


  1. Beautiful... so evocative.

  2. Thank you kindly, Kate. And, thank you Margot for the time, insight, openness and sharing.