Sunday, 16 November 2014


Last evening I sat at Fort Massey United Church. I sat for, Mass, performed by Tanya Davis, and accompanied by passionate and inspired community. And mass it was. And mass it was not. What a gift of compelling re-languaging. What a gift to enter and again enter the compelling and complex landscape that is liminality's sibling. That landscape: bewilderment. Bewildered at not knowing. Bewildered yet trust. Bewildered yet hope. Lifted as birds, new wings breathing flight. Sawbonna is both call and response to bewilderment. BE WILD. BE WILDER. That is what is "meant." Let flight breathe you even prior to wings. Let blessing sing you even before song. In the spaces between all the words and writing; in the spaces where only Mystery speaks and no voice need bend the ear, there, right there, the heart teaches. Gently mentoring respect, responsibility, relationship. And wonder. Wonder which is bewilderment's tender-twinning. In this new dawning-week, dare dance BE-WILDER-ment. Let Sawbonna: the precious invitation to see and to be seen. To hear and to be heard, sit with you in the space between where no word, yet Word, speaks. And breathes.

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