Sunday, 9 November 2014


Theopoetics' short definition is making God known through text. Through word. Word-ing want and wonder, in a calamitous, betimes calm crucible of connecting with Mystery. Voicing gravity. Silencing silence. Waves of emotion clamour for unbridled attention. Days of study spin. And I surrender. Through text, I am once again reminded of how word wills itself between the spaces. Tracing my spine, spelling tenacity, whispering ache, while gracious sighs of simple song via the embrace of sitting with community at study, in discussion, with prayer, meld. In the melding of communion, with-ness-ing, is a knowing. A knowing of how our stories, spoken, written, woven, erased, and again penned, means that we are Sawbonna's siblings. We see. We are seen. We hear. We are heard. We remember. And in remembering we invite our images. And gratitude. For revenge will not hold us prisoner, because resilience is a treasured call and response to justice as a lived and living experience.

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