Saturday, 24 January 2015


In the complexity and kaleidoscopic dance that is our life, is an infinity of words. Words which invest our ways of creating and shaping and taking meaning, accompanied by an abundance of questions. Questions contoured in the ever-present longing to see and to be seen by our very self, and by other. By others. "Facetime" is now on that list of infinity of words, and notions about seeing and being seen. Of loving and being loved. What is "Facetime" as it relates to seeing and being seen? As it relates to just love? The notion of being seen, Sawbonna's contextualizing crucible, within the framework of justice: social and restorative, is a notion that invites us to consider what and how relating and relationship mean. And can. This week, I turned off my cell phone during the day. I turned it on for a brief time in the evening to see what texts or calls might have arrived. I then turned it off again. The reason for doing so, was in part an invitation to engage in a practice of "fasting." Fasting in order to live what it means to be without that which seems most difficult to be without. What struck me with a precious poignancy, was that I do enjoy "Facetime." Not exclusively the Facetime phone application, which is a way of "connecting." The "face time" of being with my very self, and being ever more present to the now of my daily goings on. Though I do not believe in binary ways of thinking or feeling; do not subscribe to: us vs. them or to this vs. that, i.e. "Facetime" is good or bad, I do believe in encounter of and with self and soul. And other. Others. Authentically. And as a word-lover, even as words speak me, challenge me, feed me, invite me, teach, reach, and beseech me to burn, bend, bury, birth, I know that my face in a book and on a computer screen, and "face-timing" is NOT face time with flesh, heart, soul. Saying is not the same as doing. And Sawbonna is also about doing. To say that: Respect; Responsibility; Relationship; and, Wonder matter, though a precious framework, is not the same as living those words. And Restorative Justice, situated in the crucible of Sawbonna, is about "Facetime-ing", which means that eye to eye, heart to heart, soul to soul, we see. We are seen. And for victims, offenders, our very communities, in our public, political, and private relationships, the more generous and trusting we are with our "Facetime," I sense the more deeply we will be invited to celebrate our inter-connectedness, even as we are challenged by: Respect; Responsibility; Relationship; and Wonder. This is Sawbonna's invitation. Face to face. Showing up.


  1. Hi Margot, you have a wonderful gift to make words dance on a page, either physical or digital, and at the same time give deep meaning to them. The digital world is here to stay and will, increasingly, allow us to retreat from face-time to word-time. Thank you for reminding us that we shouldn't give up on face-time.
    Best Regards, Thomas.

  2. Thank you for your kind and rich words, Thomas.