Saturday, 28 February 2015


This week's Sawbonna Blog is dedicated to Sister Maureen Wild, Father Diarmuid O'Murchu, Father Thomas Berry, Michelle Landry, Anne Hanley, Dr. Anne-Marie Dalton, Michael McIntyre, Michelle Schofield Bull, Sister Anne Harvey, Sister Brenda Peddigrew, Father Leo Coughlin, Clayton Gray, Lorna and John Devan, Dr. David Deane, and Gaia Who Delights. And Will Ever Delight, for She Breathes Kinship. And Only Kinship, in the Kindom that Is Her Invitation to Us to Delight. To Be Breathed.~

Respect; Responsibility; Relationship; and, Wonder, which frame Restorative Justice within the Crucible of Sawbonna, speak to and from and about Kinship. Kinship in which we engage in this Kindom that is Earth, Gaia's very body, is what we are invited to embody in our daily lives. Kinship means that we move in close, closer, closer still, and in silent vigil begin to listen to the leaves, to sniff out the whispers of scented solitude, to breathe in the mystery of dawn's compelling laughter, to embrace the veracity of precious bird-song, and the resplendent beauty of beating branches. Sawbonna, I see you, I hear you, is an act of kinship, is the act of with-ness-ing, wherein we are reminded that to re-story and to re-imagine our dis-ease, no matter the brutality that has been done to us and the Earth, or that we have done, is how we can navigate life. Life which is fraught with so much darkness, so much pain; yet, kinship is our way of standing, swaying, bending, betimes breaking, trees in a gale, because we know that right relationship and harmony call out to and through and for and with us, to always remember that right relations is essentially personal, a personal that is symbiotically linked to the political, to the public. Right relations is Gaia's delight. And She will continue to remind us for She has nought to lose, and in Her potent and persistent cry out to us, is Her call, via Sawbonna-ing us, for Kinship, for Right Relations, for a Justice that refuses to deny Respect; Responsibility; and, Relationship. And precious Wonder.


  1. Thanks for the dedication, Margot. Everything you say here breathes truth, breathes reality. The illusion of separation continues to dominate...but isn't it always the both/and? Paradox is the soul of the world..