Sunday, 8 February 2015


Community continues to be one of the most important ways in which I speak my meaning with life. To paraphrase Viktor Frankel in his exquisite book, Man's Search for Meaning, we do not ask what life owes us, but rather what it is we can offer to life. Not for the first time, I am living in community. Students from around the world and all over Canada live in residence here. Together. Sharing kitchens, bathrooms, common eating and meeting spaces. Relationship matters. And relationship means all manner of action, reaction, respect, disrespect, tone, timbre, trial, tantrum, intentional or not. AND it means a choice to trust that under-lying these ways of being is a vital need to live the other two Rs in Restorative Justice and Sawbonna's crucible of meaning: Respect and Responsibility. Tonight our community gathers to share Thai Food. In Relationship with and for and because eating is together communion. Sawbonna is communion. Is community. The good, the bad, the ugly. AND the undeniable fact that for anyone to attempt to silence us with their anger, contempt, or sense of being more worthy, valuable, or sacred than we are ourselves, is nought but Relationship inviting, if hollering to us, to speak truth to power, all the forms that try to silence us, diminish us, and grind us into simpering nothingness. Silence is not Sawbonna's call, nor that of Restorative Justice, and anger that causes us to respond, is as important and as nourishing as tasty Thai Food shared in Community.
With Community. Sawbonna is good Thai Food!

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