Saturday, 11 April 2015


Last week, I received a book in the mail. It was a book I was waiting for, as its author, Margaret Dubay Mikus, PhD, colleague and friend, had asked if I would write a line or two to be used in her advertising. I opened the package, thrilled at the fact that another therapeutic writing practitioner had written a book of poetry that would be used by many. The title: Thrown Again Into the Frazzle Machine-Poems of Grace, Hope,and Healing. As I began to read the poems in this stunning work, two thoughts struck me: Firstly, that the poems were the very voice of Sawbonna/Restorative Justice; and Second, that Gratitude was the back-drop for much of what Margaret wrote. Putting the book down at one point, I thought about how it was possible to write poems about cancer, murder, death, loss, suffering, betrayal, confusion, and still recognize the precious gifts of  Sawbonna-ing, being seen and seeing other/s, and of truly understanding and living Gratitude. I was deeply moved by the simple and clear fact that no matter the "frazzle machine" into which we are thrown, over and over and over again, the tenets of Sawbonna/Restorative Justice serve us: Respect - Responsibility - Relationship - Wonder. Each of these generous and authentic ways of journeying through our lives is a response to how it is we can re-word, re-work, and re-story our lives. This is Sawbonna/Restorative Justice's foundational knowing, as well. And it continues to be our invitation to never, ever feel that our pain is for nought, and that we are useless, unworthy, or alone. Sawbonna: I See You - You See Me is with us daily. And this makes all the difference in the "frazzle machine/s!"

Here is my review of Margaret's book:

Here is the link to order our copy. Both paperback and Kindle editions are available:

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  1. Thank you so much, Margot! It is interesting to me that this all began with you posting on Facebook about poetry therapy and healing, which prompted me to write a poem. And that set in motion all the rest. I am most grateful!