Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Awaiting the birth of my fourth Grandchild, imbued the Christmas Season with spice, fire, joy, wonderment. As my youngest daughter grew fuller with life, I was struck by how it is that time voices her meaning in a way that invites each of us to stop. And stop we do when birth and death, both riveting facts of being, nudge us to the remembering that we are not here forever. Not being here forever means that no matter what happens in our lives to challenge, frustrate, anger, over-whelm us, we can lean into the knowing that we are not alone. That we are often accompanied by those alive and those who have died. Accompanied by their love, their wisdom, their passion, their very mark upon the heart of our intellects. In a few weeks I will share a moment with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I will stand face to face, heart to heart, with a man whose passion and tenacity, wisdom and want, sculpted the content and the context for South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation process. As Canada's Truth and Reconciliation process moves with its own wisdom, with its own lived-experiencing, I feel a powerful depth of gratitude for how and what Sawbonna means within the crucible of: respect, responsibility, and relationship. My sharing of hope and healing with Glen Flett has meant that I engage with justice, justice as a lived and living experience, in a way that permits me the gift of meeting individuals who not only wish to talk about justice, who wish to re-story law, but those who step head-long into the betimes murky and turbulent terrain of how we live our expressions of our shared-humanity in the policy we create - in both the personal and the public of our lives. The birth of my Grandson on January 9 spoke the fact that life wants life. And life in which Sawbonna: I See You, is yearned for, is addressed, is a life that offers us ways to know that no matter the pain, the struggle, the anguish, the loss, we can be inspired and we can inspire. We can offer healing and hope. And we can receive healing and hope. Sawbonna is Truth and Reconciliation. Sawbonna is one way in which we are invited to re-story, to re-store, as we walk into this new and awaiting year.


  1. Your life is rich in a thousand ways, Margot, and you call everyone who reads your blog to recognize the richness in their own lives.That said, I look forward to your encounter with Desmond Tutu.