Tuesday, 15 November 2016


"You have to be still and quiet for these things to happen; you have to release your expectations; you have to stop thinking you already know things, or know how to categorize them, or that the world has already been explained and you know those explanations. You know nothing. You understand nothing. You have only what your own body tells you and your own experience from which to make judgments," Sharon Butala.

Sawbonna means "I see you." It means "I see our shared humanity." In October I had the joy of time with one of Canada's most poignant writers, Order of Canada recipient, Sharon Buatla. Sharon's book, among others, The Perfection of the Morning, continues to inspire each and every step I take with my vocation. Sharon and I shared a wonderful time in Downtown Toronto, when she came to be on a panel of other amazing   writers from around the Globe.

Sharon reminded me of the importance of authentic friendship, of vocation-ing whereby love underscores the why and the how of the journeys we take. Unfortunately, many people forfeit and forget that money is not the essential driver of the how and the why of the work we do, of the vocations we accept.

When my Dad, Theodore, was murdered on Easter Monday, March 27, 1978, I thought that my life had ended too. Standing at his casket, the last time I saw his body in this world, I promised him that his death would not be for nothing. It is not for nothing.

Daily, I honour the fact that love and love alone informs how it is we choose to engage in life. Those who would destroy, diminish, deny, and denigrate love and choice as ways in which love informs justice, are those who are dry, lonely, hungry for attention, fear-full, and so very, very sad. 

Sawbonna, offers a way to live from a place of our interconnectedness, of our deep need to be respected. AND, of the fact that we must be brought  to justice for our betrayals, our crimes. I have said it time and time again, I have only one "boss." That boss is beholden only to love, only to: respect, responsibility, and relationship.

My Father, Theodore, my friendship with Sharon, and my love for Sawbonna nourishes me even when tyranny feels to rise. No election, no brutality, no banality can eradicate the love my Father, Theodore, taught me as a child. I will never betray him. Never. 

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